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Lj cuts

Hey guys... I know, I've practically been DEAD from this comm ;_;

But I have been lurking. At the moment I am NOT making icons/graphics/layouts because I'm still in the process of moving and I'm waiting for the hub I ordered to get here and blah blah... my computer isn't hooked up. I'm using my roomies, but she doesn't have photoshop... so yeah.

I'm SO Super glad to see people posting here, even if it's been awhile. One thing that bothered me a bit was lj cuts that lead to what I think are "friend only" journals. I would click the link and it told me I was unauthorized.

Now, as a Mod, I was confused. I WANT you all to post your icons here, I LOVE IT, but I really think that you should lj cut to pages we all can read.

Thanks guys. I heart you.

PS. I decided to grace you guys (and hopefull make you wanna make some more as well) with some of my old icons. I don't think I've posted these before...

Credit and comment if taking.
Make some icons guys! I dare you!
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